Some encounters you wear forever…

It may still be chilly outside, but your cosiest white shirt is there to comfort you over this weekend.

For the girl team who like wearing a shirt to start the weekend and jumping into a nice non-sweet breakfast, like myself.

Whichever look you desire to wear this weekend, there’s a shape to tell your story.

Mine will be the “white shirt” blablablaa…

Indeed, it is no longer a secret, as I am going to confess that I enjoy wearing white shirts over the weekend.

So I have history with it, that I would like to share through this article.

I guess the fact that I bought another white shirt inspired me to write about this masterpiece.

Long story short, I didn’t have stars in my eyes when I received it.

It was uncomfortable to wear, and I didn’t like the design of the buttons, so I hope this article helps someone here so you won’t make the same mistake I did.

Let me clarify my views regardless of these wonderful buttons. For those who know me, I have a strong affection to clothes; they must express feelings or sensations while remaining soft on our skin.

If you want to experiment with the points below, you must purchase the following type of shirt:

I typically love the buttons and shape of Julia Roberts’s shirt in the picture from vogue magazine. Instead of the traditional buttons that we used to see on shirts and even unneutral or bizarre colors that we can encounter on shirts.

I will say that pearl buttons are considerably more gorgeous on a shirt and make getting ready easier while also bringing a more pleasant feeling throughout the day.

And don’t be unhappy, if you haven’t yet this type of shirt –you can still wear your current white shirt with a pearl necklace. It’s worth a try.

Note: You can wear this shirt with pearl earrings, so I suppose I can rely on you for the entire look! 🙂


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