About Me

Hello and welcome on my blog!

Let me tell you first a story…

One day, I ran a half marathon when I was a teenager. There were plenty of participants in this competition, great athletes, people with experience and I was just a newbie.

Still, I ran and I ran without stopping, despite the tiredness, the pain, the thirst… there was even a time when an ambulance offered me a ride, saying « come, you won’t make it to the end ».

And while I declined politely, I knew , I had to finish whatever the cost.
So I continued to run, and at the some point, I reached the phase where I felt light, light as if the wind was pushing me, and I ran faster.
When I finally crossed the finish line, I thought, I was the last because there were so many other athletes already .
I started to head home without waiting for the prize ceremony, but my cousin grabbed me, begging me to stay.

Suddenly I hear my name, they were calling my name, I had won in the junior category!
From this day, I encourage everybody to pursue his objective despite the difficulties and the obstacles, l encourage you to continue your race… to make it to the finish line!

So who am I? I am Cornelia Eyraud, certified Business Analyst Salesforce and mother of a little boy.
Indeed, it is possible to be a Mom and gaining new certifications (actually, 6 new certifications!), because when one is passionate about his work, finding time to work is not an issue. It is actually like spending time with your lover, there are enthusiasm and you don’t see time pass.
I always liked everything related to the creation, specifically the creation of applications.
Why ? Because this has the power to make the world a better place.
And Salesforce is revolutionizing the way we interacts with customers, as we have a 360 degree view of our customers at any time wherever we are.
Another amazing thing is that we can create completely customized applications whatever our needs.
With all what Salesforce has to offer, I want to keep learning about the product, and more than anything, share my passion for salesforce with everyone.