Journeys and Messages

Marketing Cloud’s Journey Builder is a campaign planning tool that enables you to design and automate campaigns that guide customers through their journey with a brand. Its foundation is the journey, which is the communication plan you design. Canvas activities tell Journey Builder how to communicate to and direct contacts in the journey. Contacts enter from an entry source. The journey then continually evaluates contacts to determine when to move them to the next activity.

Journey Builder is compatible with the following editions of Marketing Cloud.

Core / AdvancedYesNoneRequired Version: Marketing Cloud Connect/V5Multi-org support: N/A
Enterprise 1.0Parent Account: No On Your Behalf (OYB) Accounts: No Lock & Publish Accounts: YesSending from the top level of Enterprise 1.0 isn’t supported
Sending from OYB account isn’t supported
Journey Builder doesn’t support the Salesforce Event as an entry source If there are several Enterprises 1.0 Lock & Publish accounts connected to a Salesforce org.
Enterprise 2.0YesCan’t copy journeys from parent business units to child business unitsRequired Version: Marketing Cloud Connect/V5Multi-org support: N/A
  • Journey Builder Prerequisites
    Review these items before using Journey Builder in the Marketing Cloud whether you’re a marketer or administrator.
  • Permissions for Journey Builder
    Marketing Cloud user permission settings supersede user permissions granted in the Journey Builder app. Review the list of Marketing Cloud permissions required to access these features in Journey Builder.
  • Optimize Journey Builder Performance
    Journey Builder’s processing rate varies based on the data model and filters, journey configuration, activities, and content complexity. Also, journeys share processing resources, so stagger the scheduled journey start times to reduce the demand and increase the processing speed of individual journeys. You can process up to 2 million email sends per hour per tenant by following these guidelines.
  • The Journeys Dashboard
    The Journeys Dashboard provides an overview of all the journeys you create in Marketing Cloud’s Journey Builder. The overview includes journey type, status, and the last date changes were made. You can also see which version of a journey is accepting new contacts. In this dashboard, you can sort by journey, status, performance by entry total and goal attainment, or last modified date. You can also filter the list of journeys, open a journey, and access the journey creation workspace.
  • Manage Customer Journeys
    Journey Builder’s enables you to efficiently create and track Single Send, Transactional Send, and Multi-Step customer journeys in Marketing Cloud from a unified workspace.
  • Journey Settings
    You can choose which address Journey Builder will use to send a message to a contact and when that contact joins a Marketing Cloud journey.
  • Entry Sources
    The canvas’s entry source tells journey Builder about where customers start their journey. Each journey must have a spot to start.
    1. Edit an Entry Source
    2. Build a Mobile Application Event Source
    3. MobilePush Message Engagement Entry Source Setting up
    4. Configure an In-App Engagement Entry Source
  • Marketing Cloud Mobile App Events Overview
    Highly relevant and contextually aware interactions are the cornerstone of amazing customer experiences. Now, user behaviors on your mobile app can drive relevant and personalized touchpoints, powered by easy-to-configure listening rules in Journey Builder. Mobile App Events help your brand deliver mobile moments that matter by creating meaningful engagement, increasing brand loyalty, and generating a higher return on investment for your marketing campaigns.
  • Use Data in Journey Builder
    Journey Builder’s essential functions depend on data. To maximize your journeys’ reach, explore how you can use data for filtering, personalization, and other Journey Builder tasks.
  • Goals in Journey Builder
    In Journey Builder, a goal is a measurement of customer actions that you want to promote. Measure goals based on a goal target you set by creating a filter on contact data. After you activate a journey, Journey Builder evaluates contact data against the filter set as the goal target. When Journey Builder determines that a contact met the goal, that contact is counted in goal target statistics. Reaching the goal can also prompt the contact to exit, if applicable.
  • Activities Reference
    Learn what each Journey Builder activity does.
  • Activity IDs in Journey Builder
    Find any activity’s unique identifier in a draft, running, paused, or stopped journey after the journey is saved. This feature helps customers and Support agents locate the issue when troubleshooting an activity.
  • Message Activities
    Messaging activities include email, SMS, LINE message, push notification, inbox message, in-app message, or any other form of content sent to contacts. To provide a mix of information about your brand or your product, vary the message content. Create message content before you build a journey.
  • Journey Builder Activities
    Canvas activities include messages, decisions, updates, or a combination of these elements, dragged onto the Journey Builder canvas. In a Multi-Step journey, the activities you configure affect each contact until they reach a goal or the end of the journey.
  • Sales and Service Cloud Activities
    Use Sales and Service Cloud canvas activities in Journey Builder to create or update object records for connected Marketing Cloud contacts. You can grant users access to create or edit Sales and Service Cloud activities, except users with the Marketing Cloud Administrator role.
  • Journey Builder Administration
    Journey Builder includes an administrative interface that is accessed by clicking links in the top navigation.
  • Analytics and History
    Journey Builder includes journey health, history, and dashboards.