Territories Management

Have you an organization with a private sharing model and you need to grant users access to accounts based on criteria such as postal code, industry, revenue, or a custom field that is important for your business ?

May be you should too generate forecast for these diverse categories of accounts.

Territory management can help you to resolve this issue. Because he has a powerful for structuring your user, accounts and theirs associated contacts opportunities and cases.

So what is territory management?

Territory management is an account sharing system that grants users access to accounts based on the characteristics of accounts, such as geography, product line or business unit.

For example:

Yours salespersons localized at Paris can just see the accounts of this region.


Advantage of territory management

  • Amplify a private sharing model
  • It easy to improve frequently sales organization structure
  • We can transfer a user from one territory to another and keep her opportunities.
  • A user can have many forecast based on one territory
  • We can create the sales report based on the territory

Have you take a decision to enable Territory management?

Knowing that for enable Territory management you should ask to Salesforce.com support team and when it is enable you cannot deactivated it. But you can ask to salesforce support and they can do it for you. Also, it works with Customizable forecast and doesn’t support the Collaborative forecast.

Let’s take and imagine different scenarios.


Scenario 1:

The company Chanel sells products to their customers and they have enabled Territory Management.

Let’s walk through the forecast customizable object in Salesforce for Chanel Company.