Sms Campaigns with mobile connect

Let’s talk with our customers where they are!

Indeed, mobile connect is a salesforce marketing cloud app, in which we can create, send, receive and track mobile messages.

Here is a set of type of campaigns that we can set up for successful communication:

  • Email opt-in: Subscribers can join your email list by sending a keyword and their email address to your short code. This is usually a one-time text-message interaction: once you have the subscriber’s email address, you send him or her emails rather than SMS/MMS.

  • Info capture: This kind of campaign is similar to an email opt-in campaign, but you can use it to capture any piece of data, not just email addresses. For example, use this kind of campaign for “progressive profiling”: once you have the subscriber’s email address, you can ask for the person’s name. Once you have the name, you can ask for the ZIP code. Once you have that, you can ask for the birthday, and so on.

  • Text/media response: A subscriber triggers an automated response using a keyword — for example, replying with MORE to receive another message with more information. You can use media to get subscribers involved with something fun. We’ve seen a brand encourage subscribers in a stadium to reply with selfies holding its product. The brand gave a prize to the best image and meanwhile received a wealth of action shots with its product.

  • Vote/survey: This kind of campaign uses a specific message template to send an invitation to the subscriber to answer true/false, yes/no, or multiple-choice questions.

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