FTP Server and Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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By the way, did you see the new campaign of Estee Lauder? The colors and visuals are impressively harmonized, I really really love it.
The best is you can do this type of layout with “Content builder“an app of marketing cloud.

So, in previous posts, we saw how to communicate with customers on differents channels.
Today, you would like to export data for other business needs. In Marketing cloud, you can export your data by using your own FTP server. If you do not have an FTP server you should download one (Filezilla server or CyberDuck)

Maybe you have multiple Business Unit on your Org. Each BU should have its own FTP also its own FTP users.

If one FTP user is locked, you should enable the status, take the user identification to log into the FTP. To do that go to:

Administration – Account – FTP Accounts

Go on your FTP to configure access to the FTP user.

Click on “open the connexion” and fill in the below form to establish the connexion with Marketing Cloud.

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Make a good first impression with web studio!

The customer experience starts very often with the first point of contact: this can be a web page, a social page or a mobile page.

Keep in mind that pushing personalized content with a clear design, pleasant readiness is critical to attracting your customers, just like the examples below:

How to achieve this result? Salesforce Marketing Cloud Web Studio is here for you, enabling beautiful, dynamic and personalized web pages on the go!

And, the icing on the cake, Web Studio also allows you to monitor each customer action in real time and gather insights to improve your future publications.

Landing page activity

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Salesforce mobile studio

Stay connected with the brand you like!  

Thanks to Salesforce Mobile Studio

Mobile marketing allows us to stay in touch with our customers wherever they are on the globe through the internet.

With Salesforce Mobile Studio through its three applications MobilePush, GroupConnect, and MobileConnect you can communicate with your customers at the right momentwith a personalized message. If for instance, the weather is bad, you can take care of your customers on the spot and propose them an adapted product, here, an umbrella.

Some use of mobile studio

MobilePush: using a mobile app, you can push notifications or alerts to your customers

Example: my brother loves the clothes of the Esprit brand, so he downloaded the Esprit app, he says it is fast, easy to use and especially really handy: he receives notifications about the products which are back in stock or about the new collection, and thus does not misses anything.

Wink to my brother:

Here some articles of the new collection from “Esprit”.

As for me, I am very often frustrated when I happen to hear that I missed a reception not far from my location because I did not receive the information in time or a reminder. Glad to hear that MobilePush can change that!

GroupConnect: Who would not want to receive a nice image rather than a long text? This is now possible with GroupConnect thanks to “Line messaging application” which is in vogue in Japan. Sending stickers, emoticon, and rich content to your customers becomes finally easy!

MobileConnect: More info see here my article.

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