Behavioral Triggers

Let Salesforce Marketing Cloud equip you to reach customers who abandon unpurchased items or services. Configure the flow of this behavioral data into the data extensions for email sends and journeys. Using behavioral data this way is called Behavioral Triggers.

Salesforce Services isn’t required for basic abandoned cart, browse, and wishlist use cases. Your customers and their partners can set them up. Behavioral Triggers is free for Pro, Corporate, and Enterprise Editions and uses Amazon Web Services. Behavioral data extensions store the data for 30 days. To configure the Journeys or Automations, contact Marketing Cloud support. The level of support varies on each customer’s data model.

If you already paid for an Abandoned Cart audience file, you can still use audience files until a customer requests that they’re turned off. Customers can’t use both legacy audience files and Behavioral Triggers for the same use case. A customer using an abandoned cart audience file can’t enable an abandoned card trigger in Behavioral Triggers.

To get started, select Behavioral Triggers from the Journey Builder nav menu.

  • Behavioral Triggers Prerequisites
    To implement Behavioral Triggers, first install Collect Tracking Code and upload a product catalog.
  • Create a Behavioral Trigger
    Set up a behavioral trigger to map data to a target data extension when a user takes a particular action, such as abandoning a cart or browser session. The target data extension name displays on the Behavioral Triggers dashboard after you create the trigger.
  • Edit a Behavioral Trigger
    Update a behavioral trigger to include a different suppression period or suppression rule time frame.
  • Pause a Behavioral Trigger
    To stop a behavioral trigger from directing engagement data to your target data extension, pause the trigger.
  • Resume a Behavioral Trigger
    To restart a behavioral trigger so it begins directing engagement data to your target data extension, resume a paused trigger.
  • Set Behavioral Trigger Session Timeout Limit
    Configure the Behavioral Triggers app to observe a session timeout limit that you set. This timeout limit dictates how long a customer’s session lasts before it is considered abandoned.
  • Create a Behavior Trigger Email
    After you create a Behavioral Trigger in Marketing Cloud Content Builder, you can create an email based on that trigger.
  • Behavioral Triggers Optional Features
    Marketing Cloud (Einstein)