Data View: Bounce

This Data View offers information on all bounced emails sent from your Marketing Cloud business unit. It can help you analyse and automate bounce-related actions.

The data in the Bounce data view is available for bounces from the previous six months.

You can query the data in the data view using an automation, the Query Studio, or an API.

Data extension columns

Field nameTypeNullableOptionsDescription
AccountIDNumberNoID of the Business Unit.
OYBAccountIDNumberYesOn-Your-Behalf ID of a related Business Unit.
JobIDNumberNoID of the job that sent the email.
ListIDNumberNoID of the list used in the send.
BatchIDNumberNoID of the batch used in the send.
SubscriberIDNumberNoID of the subscriber (Email Studio).
SubscriberKeyTextNoSubscriber key of the subscriber (Marketing Cloud).
EventDateDateNoThe date the email was bounced.
IsUniqueBooleanNoWhether the event is unique.
DomainTextNoDomain/ISP of the bounced email address.
BounceCategoryIDNumberNoSee list ↓Category ID of the bounce.
BounceCategoryTextYesSee list ↓Category of the bounce.
BounceSubcategoryIDNumberYesSee list ↓Subcategory ID of the bounce.
BounceSubcategoryTextYesSee list ↓Subcategory of the bounce.
BounceTypeIDNumberNoType ID of the bounce.
BounceTypeTextYesType of the bounce.
SMTPBounceReasonTextYesBounce reason from the SMTP server.
SMTPMessageTextYesBounce message from the SMTP server.
SMTPCodeNumberYesError code from the SMTP server.
TriggererSendDefinitionObjectIDTextYesObject ID of the triggered send.
TriggeredSendCustomerKeyTextYesCustomer key of the triggered send.

Bounce Categories

Be cautious that a soft bounce might become a hard bounce if it is repeated.

Category IDCategorySubcategory IDSubcategory
3Block bounce1001Complaints
1005URL Block
1009High Unknown Address Pct.
1Hard bounce2001User Unknown
2002Domain Unknown
2003Bad Address
2Soft bounce3001Mailbox Full
3002Inactive Account
3003Temporary Domain Failure
5Technical bounce4001Server Too Busy
4002Data Format Error
4003Network Error

SQL queries example

Bounce reasons per domain

To analyze the bounce reasons per domain, to prevent bad SPAM rating.

     , BounceCategory AS [Bounce Category]
     , BounceSubcategory AS [Bounce Subcategory]
     , COUNT(*) AS [Count]
FROM [_Bounce]
GROUP BY Domain, BounceCategory, BounceSubcategory

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