Brown is the new black!

We all would like to feel comfortable in our clothes, as well as the colors we wear. As winter lingers and it is so freezing outside, wearing black can help us get through the day without feeling it.

If you’re looking for a winter trouser, I recommend a brown one. It is very lovely to see brown used as a skirt or trouser; it is one of color that I adore.

Could you see how the green and brown colors merge in the screenshot below?

Now, there is something you must do before purchasing this type of hue.

First, you’ll see a brown tint, which I recognize as a standard brown trouser.

However, this brown is combined with a small yellow tint to provide a cool, brilliant brown tone.

Note: If you purchased a piece and are unsure about the color, take a picture of it and compare it to the model of trouser you desire.

What can you wear with brown bottoms piece?

I advice you to wear a brown color as a trouser or a skirt and combine with blue, white, black, yellow dark mustard and also green as the image above.

I really hope you find the content useful 🙂

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