AttributeValue function

This function returns the value of an attribute. This value is taken by the function from the data sources associated with the Contact or Subscriber to who the message is sent.

Theses data sources can be:

  • Email Subscriber Profile Attributes
  • Sendable Data Extension Fields
  • Journey Builder Entry Source Attributes
  • MobileConnect List Attributes
  • MobilePush Attributes

Note: This function will return null if the attribute is not available in the data source



The AttributeValue() function has one parameter:

  • x (data type= string): The name of the attribute to return the value of is x with string as a data type, this one parameter is required.


This example returns the value of the “CompanyName” attribute from the recipient’s Contact record:

%%= AttributeValue([CompanyName]) =%%

If the attribute that you specify isn’t found in the data source, the function returns null.

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