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Introduction to Contact Builder

What is Contact Builder?

Contact Builder is where we create the Data Model in Marketing Cloud. It is giving a single view of the customer’s journeys with your brand.

What can you do with it?

Contact builder gives us the tools to manage, consolidate, organize, and link data from all Salesforce Marketing Cloud apps and External Sources. So with Contact Builder, we can:

  • Create data extensions to store Contacts information and other data.
  • Import data
  • Create relationships between data extensions
  • Manage Contact information and other data
  • Provide a single view of the customer

Contact Builder helps you maintain the contact information you use to identify individual contacts across multiple channels and personalize messaging and marketing activities.

Where can you use Contact Builder in Marketing Cloud?

Contact Builder is working only with the apps Journey Builder, Mobile Connect, Mobile Push, GroupConnect, and also drive Einstein Engine.

Note: All attributes from email and Mobile Apps should be set up in Data Designer. These settings are allowing us to update contact information automatically without needing Ampscript and SQL code on all our Journeys in Marketing Cloud.


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