How to create an SMS Message with Mobile Connect

Imagine that you are a digital marketer at Waitrose, and you need to inform your customers by SMS when their parcel is on its way.

Here is the sample SMS that we want to send to your customers.

Navigate Mobile Connect and click on create message, chose Outbound.

Define properties and choose your long code. Use your From Name, it is possible to create a custom one.

Don’t forget to agree with the Certification opt-out Availability

Select your Audience as a Contact List

Create your Contact List.
Select your Data extension and add a filter to exclude the null Mobile Number.

Create your Content and Schedule your campaign. Save your campaign.

We know that an SMS has a high impact on customer’s behavior but watch out for Super Messages consumption (depending on the Country of each individual message, SMS length, and Non-GSM danger characters).

So before sending your SMS, make sure that you have the consents mobile for your subscriber. Also, make sure to confirm the user isn’t already added on mobile connect.

See you soon with a new post.

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